Pipsqueak and Penelope

"I wanted to share an update on two wonderful family members who we adopted a couple of months ago at the Christiana Petsmart, where we were helped by the wonderful Olivia. 

First came Maurice, who, after his first chirpy meow, we knew was really Pipsqueak. He settled in, came out of his shell, and became quite the love bug. Being a younger chap, he's also quite playful, and was a little more than our ten-year old Pixel was ready to take on. Pixel mostly ignored Pipsqueak, being a little old to participate in his shenanigans. We wanted to make sure that Pip had a friend who could keep up!

So, a couple weeks later, back we went, where we met Tia. We brought her home and christened her Penelope. She was very shy with us, but took to Pipsqueak almost right away, playing chase up and down the hallway. She's since become less shy, and is pretty much a permanent fixture by our sides on the couch. 

We can't imagine our lives without them, and wanted to thank you for the work you do that helped bring them into our lives."





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