Toothless, originally known as Sybell, was adopted from Willow Grove. Here’s an update from her new family.


“Sybell (now named Toothless) has had quite a transformation. She is now out all the time and loves a spot on the cat condo. She also sleeps between us on the bed some nights (though she will hiss and leave if we roll around in our sleep haha).

She still has moments where she lashes out, usually when too much is going on and she's overwhelmed, but lately she's taken to lying next to me while I work from home. She also loves to be picked up and gives kisses. She can be quite the lovebug and tends to follow me around.


She's still getting used to the dogs, but she's so much better with them. She doesn't swat or hiss at them anymore. She even approaches them sometimes. She gets along with our one cat, and is getting better with the other. She seems to have made herself at home, and we’re so happy to have her!”

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