Rocky is doing wonderful! He took no time at all to get settled in, and by the very next day it was as if he'd lived with Lucky and I for years.  He has made himself right at home (as you can probably see from the pictures).

He is such a happy cat and fits in so well with this family-- his "grandma" simply adores him and the rest of my family can't get enough of him; they are all a little jealous and wish they had adopted him first! He and Lucky have been warming up to each other quite nicely and are getting along quite well by this point. Every day they seem to bond more and more, and I expect they will only get closer moving forward.

I attached a number of photos (though there are many more as he is quite photogenic) which I think clearly demonstrate how happy he is; it really was a "night-and-day" transition. Additionally, I can never get enough of his habit of hopping up on his back legs and pawing at me to let me know he's ready for attention. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe Rocky!


I cannot thank you enough for setting me up with Rocky, he is such a wonderful addition to this family. I always considered myself super lucky to have found Lucky (probably why I never considered changing his name), but I am now beyond lucky to have not just one, but two incredible cats. I could not be happier with Rocky, and am so happy I was able to give him a Forever Home. He seems quite content to rule the roost alongside Lucky. My mother always told me: "we live with cats, they don't live with us", and I wouldn't have it any other way with these two.

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