Louie was found on the streets earlier this year. He had burn marks on both front paws that could have been the result of anything from frostbite to a hot car engine to a chemical burn. Forgotten Cats Willow Grove clinic helped him heal and a foster family took him in, eventually adopting him in what we lovingly call a “foster failure”. His family loves him a lot!

“We began fostering Louie towards the end of February. His paws seemed to be healing quite nicely. Unfortunately, we noticed him beginning to limp and took him to the vet. His wounds had reopened and were beginning to become infected. It was a hard month for poor Louie as every 4 days he had to have his paws cleaned and re-bandaged, but he is finally much, much better! He has even learned to climb walls to avoid being put into his pet carrier :)  

He is now playful, vocal, and interacts with our two other cats. He enjoys sleeping on our pillows, every so often rubbing his head against ours to let us know he is thinking about us.  How anyone could give Louie up is beyond us, but we are so glad they did because we just love him!”

Congratulations on your adoption, Louie! 

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