Happy Endings! Fo’lie, originally known as Snow White, was adopted from Brandywine PetSmart. Her new humans are quite taken with her.

“We adopted Snow White renamed to Fo'lie 2 weeks ago. She has at the moment a spare bedroom with a scratching post which she loves. She claws up and down and suckles the bottom of the bed for some reason. She is sharing the house with Tippy, our Yorkie, she could care less about him but is very cautious of him. Fo'lie is French and means madness - my 16-year-old granddaughter named her. Well she is pure madness, walked right up to Tippy and licked his nose, if that wasn't madness well I don't know what is. Here they are together and protecting the house and she is at her favorite spot, watching the animals in the backyard which has a small stream, and the woods are loaded with animals that she watches all day. She has fit in very well. She is still learning but she is very smart.”

Félicitations à vous, Fo’lie!

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