Mama Cat, Patches, and Nahla

In most cases, feral cats remain fearful of humans their whole lives and simply enjoy living outside, getting medical care, food and shelter from colony caretakers if they're lucky. Sometimes though, over a period of time and with lots of patience, feral cats can become sweet, friendly housecats. Such is the case with Mama Cat, Nahla and Patches. Their human had them TNRed (trapped, neutered, and returned) by Forgotten Cats, and then they became her treasured pets!

“Mama Cat was the first feral cat that Forgotten Cats helped us TNR. It took me almost 3 years to even be able to pet her and now she sleeps on my boyfriend’s chest every night! She is absolutely amazing! Patches and Nahla are her feral grandbabies that we also had spayed/neutered & vaccinated through Forgotten Cats and then they never went back outside. They joined their grandmother as indoor cats and have brought so much joy and laughter to our family. We also have a feral colony of 4 that Forgotten Cats has helped us TNR. We provide them with shelter, food, water, treats and medical care. Thank you for all that you do...it is greatly appreciated.”

Congratulations to our formerly feral friends on your happy home!


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