Munchkin was adopted from Christiana PetSmart in December 2015. His new family shares, 

“Here's our baby boy, we changed his name to Jynx Munchkin. It isn't a bad name after all because once we brought him home, we lost him for hours and we couldn't find him due to him being black. He's very good at hiding. Jynx set off the house in comedy chaos where we watched him run up our Christmas tree and shake the whole tree. He runs around the home so fast that it throws us off track – we have to try not to step on him! Jynx is very happy with us and he gets along with our older cat, Bella Sara. He's a mommy's boy because he loves to be around me. Even when I come home from work at nearly 1 am and I’m ready to crash in my bed, he comes running to ask me give him a snuggle and pet him until he’s had enough before I go to sleep. We are blessed to have Jynx in our lives. It was the best decision I ever made by going to your shelter to meet several cats but Jynx stole my heart that day. He's our good luck cat!”

Congratulations on your happy fur-ever home, Jynx!


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