Dear Forgotten Cats,

I just wanted to take a minute to update you on one of your former rescues and his adventures! This is Oliver, and I adopted him from you through PetSmart in Christiana in 2008. We're celebrating EIGHT happy years together! But this is more than just a simple anniversary hello. See, Oliver was at high risk for being put down: he had to have major surgery on his eyes; he was a fully grown adult who was skittish and unsocialized. He prefers to be an only cat. And he's probably now dusting 12+ years old. But his wonderful foster mom (who I only remember as Wendy) took him in and contacted you. And instead of giving up on him, you kept him warm and safe and gave him vet care and a chance to learn to accept love until he found his forever family. I got Oliver right around when I started my Master's in Public Health, and I recently finished my PhD. He's been the bright spot in many tough days, and he immediately took to the life of a scholar: laying around books and on my computer, and giving feedback when necessary. 

Here are some pictures of this now beautiful cat who started as a skinny alley cat with eyelids turned inside out and a fear of love. He's my best buddy, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. He's proof that we shouldn't give up on animals who are a little less cute or cuddly than others. No cat should be forgotten.

- Jaime 

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