Alice and AJ

Meet Alice and AJ, a sweet mama cat and her kitten adopted from Christiana PetSmart Adoption Center in September 2015.

Mom cat Alice was extremely shy at Christiana adoption center and took a long time to feel comfortable. Volunteers noted that once she adjusts, she is very sweet, very gentle, loves to play, and loves to be petted. However, she did not adjust well to the center, although she was fine with other cats. She and her kitten AJ were inseparable and cuddled together all the time. In spite of being very social, playful and cuddly, little AJ didn’t find his forever home at the center either. Once, when he and his mom were taking a break at their foster home, everyone in the home realized that they were home already! Their foster adopted them in September 2015, and everybody at Christiana was thrilled that they got to remain together.


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