Meerkat is a 10 year old B&W female, FIV+.  She went into foster care in 2007 after being rescued by Forgotten Cats when she was put out on the streets at 2 years old.  She was adopted by a retired doctor, where she spent almost 6 years.  This man had never had a cat before, and absolutely loved Meerkat.  He loved her almost too much, feeding her whenever she wanted food, making her gain up to 17 pounds.  She loved him too, snuggling down on the sofa with him.  This doting parent died suddenly, and his family could not take Meerkat, so she came back to her former foster, where there were lots of kitties.  Meerkat was unhappy there, although she tried hard to fit in.  She indeed was grieving for her parent, and continued to eat to fill in the void.  

After almost 2 years in foster care, Meerkat found her second forever home.  The new parent is a single older man, retired and in need of a companion.  When the foster took Meerkat to meet him, she immediately went up to him and rubbed his legs; he responded by petting her.  A bond was formed then and there.  She has started to lose weight even.  A forever home was worth waiting for so Meerkat can live out her days in a comfortable environment.  If something should happen to the parent this time, his family will keep her.

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