Patches now Rudy

Visually impaired Patches was adopted this spring from Brookhaven. His mom sends the following update:

"Patches (now Rudy) is doing fantastic! He is SUCH a lovebug! He has a loud purr machine and uses it constantly. He gets along great with our other cat Pippin. Rudy likes to pin his brother down and give him a bath. It makes us laugh because Pippin loves it and would never try and get away, but Rudy won’t risk it. Their favorite playtime activity is tag. They can chase each other around for so long! Rudy likes small balls that he can roll around and chase, although, he can turn any object into a toy. Bunny-kicking clothes as they’re being folded is another one of his favorites! He’s so funny when he plays he lays on his back and spreads his back legs and tries to hook his nails into the carpet to stabilize himself. Mostly it just looks like he has no idea what he’s doing and his legs just flail around. This cat can EAT! He is constantly trying to eat people food so we have to be very careful. We haven’t found any food he doesn’t like. His eyesight is the same, we keep them moisturized although Rudy never seems bothered by them. He’s very cautious about his surroundings and will wiggle his head around to make sure he sees that nothing is in his way before he’ll jump onto/off of things. One of his quirks is grabbing random objects in his mouth and walking away with them just to put them down in a different room. We absolutely adore him and all the laughs he brings us!"


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