Pistol Annie

Sweet and spunky Pistol Annie (3/3/19-532) is in desperate need of a forever home. Pistol Annie is only 7 months old, and we are sad to share her life has been filled with pain and heartbreak. A few months ago, she was found at a gas station on a Friday night. She walked around crying, begging for help. Luckily we received word that she needed to be rescued and we went out and picked her up. She battled with a terrible upper respiratory infection for two weeks. Finally, she was strong enough to be spayed. It was then that we found out Pistol Annie was positive for feline leukemia (FeLV).

As we do with all FeLV cats, we held her in isolation while she awaited retesting. We hoped and prayed she would shed the virus. Sadly, when she was recently retested, she still tested positive.

Pistol Annie is a lovely kitten. She LOVES human interaction and will roll all around her cage at the sight of people. She enjoys playing and getting pets.

We are looking for a forever foster to take Pistol Annie and let her live out her life. She deserves to run and play and, most importantly, be loved.

Though her time on this earth will he shorter than the average cat, she can and will live happily and healthily for months or years until her health will progressively deteriorate. We will provide all end of life care.

She is still a baby and it breaks our hearts to watch her grow up in a cage.

FeLV is contagious to other cats so the foster will need to have other FeLV+ cats or no current cats. It is not transferable to dogs.

Can you take a chance on Pistol Annie? If you are interested in helping, please contact us at info@forgottencats.org or go ahead and apply for her directly at www.forgottencats.org/application.php. THANK YOU!!!


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