Meet Mowgli! Mowgli is now safe, fed, and loved. Unfortunately, he was living a life filled of fear, sadness, and hunger. Forgotten Cats responded to a call about a cat “living” in a tree. When our volunteers arrived, they were greeted by the proud resident that chases him up there. She said he goes door to door trying to get inside. But of course, no one wants that dirty, nasty cat inside their home. So, she beats him with a broom every day and chases him up a tree. Even the children were taught to throw things at Mowgli if he gets close. Mowgli would stay in his tree until he felt it was safe to come down and then he would scavenge for any scraps of food he could find. When our volunteers arrived it took some coaxing to get him down (lots of wet food), but when he walked into the arms of our volunteers, his life changed forever.

We wish his story just turned magically happy once he was rescued. But it did not. Mowgli was diagnosed as being in early renal failure. BUT, with a special diet and extra TLC, our vet believes he still has a few good years left to live!

And here is why YOU should adopt Mowgli.

Mowgli aka Moo is beyond sweet. He snuggles right up on your chest and starts purring the second you walk in the room. Mowgli is an easy cat who spends the day primarily sleeping. He loves to sleep on sandals and sneakers. Living the street cat life, he does love people food. Do not be surprised if he steals your bacon right from your hand! Even at the ripe age of 10 years old, Mowgli loves to play. He lives with quite a few other kitties and he gets along great with everyone. It breaks our hearts to think about the pain and heartbreak this cat has felt. YOU can mend his broken heart by giving him a loving, safe, forever home.

Side note: Mowgli no longer needs to wear t-shirts as shown in his photos. He wore them while recovering from skin issues. However, he did not mind the shirts and I’m sure would be happy to hear a superhero shirt again!

Mowgli currently lives in a foster home in the Kennett Square, PA area. If you'd like to meet him to see if he's the cat for you, submit a no-obligation adoption application here!


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