Rooney (FCID# 02/05/2018 - 8) was dumped alone at the end of a stranger's driveway. She was so confused and terrified that she did not move from the area around the mailbox for days. When our trapper arrived she ran into his trap. She was glad to be safe but not confident enough to come out of her bed to greet people, so she was completely overlooked at the shelter. One foster believed in her and brought her to a home and came to find she is a very loving sweetheart who loves to be touched and petted. She is more afraid of unfamiliar settings than she is of people. If she feels protected, then she smothers you with kisses and reaches out to pull your hand back for more pets.

Rooney says, "I do not need much room, I am not much of an explorer. I prefer quiet evenings at home reading a good book with you. I have refined tastes - I'm a classical music and smooth jazz kinda gal. Children are loud and energetic. I would prefer them at a great distance.Sharing your pillow while we sleep is always a pleasure. I am not terribly interested in toys or climbing. I am not comfortable in crowds. I believe laps should be warmed, and I am here to help in that department. I love nuzzling cheek to cheek. Please pick me, I could use a friend that understands my temporary shyness. Thank you for considering me. Sincerely, Rooney (aka Roo)."

Rooney is currently in foster care. If you'd like to meet her, please submit a no-obligation application and we will contact you!




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