People lover and leg-wrapper!!! Handsome, affectionate, Titian (FCID# 03/05/2018 - 65) weighs in at a bit over 10 pounds. His foster mom says, "he is super sweet, spunky, playful and silly. He is quiet, clean and very friendly. He gets along well with my cat and my dog. Sometimes, my dog is too active for him and Titian will hiss. I think he would prefer a very mild mannered dog. But, he loves to play with my cat and run around. He is also a bit shy and anxious at first. But, he will be your best friend. He is always excited to see me and, sometimes, he will sit on my lap. He will play with toys. He loves getting brushed. But, just give him a second to adjust to everything new. Initially, he needs his own space. He likes it quiet, but he loves to be around his people. He loves to pounce and play on blankets and will even hold your hand sometimes. When he first came to my house, he had pulled out a lot of his fur. I believe it may be due to a food intolerance. I started giving him a minimal ingredient diet, based on duck. He is pulling at his fur less (his fur is growing back) and his GI tract is happier. I have not had it diagnosed or confirmed, but seeing the results leads me to believe that something in his diet was not working for him. I think he would do well in a household that is more on the quiet side and not a lot of activity going on. He is so sweet. He will snuggle up beside you at night time, and even sleep on you sometimes. He really is a great boy. Will you love him? I know he will love you!!"

If you would like to meet Titian and see if he's the kitty for you, please submit an no-obligation adoption application here.


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