Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!!!! - 6/18/2011

It's kitten season BIGTIME.  We have kittens everywhere waiting to get big enough to be sterilized and adopted out.  You can't take a step in one of our clinics without tripping over a litter of kittens.

I'm injured, so about all I can do to help is write a blog BEGGING for fosters.  And even that's not easy since my injury is to my wrist and typing HURTS.  (We can blame this on Karen, another Forgotten Cats volunteer, who seems to think that women in their 40s are not too old to rollerblade.  My doctor disagrees, although I don't know what HIS problem with it is since my rollerblading is helping put his kids through college.)

Anyway, back to the point, we have kittens.  We have kittens with feral moms, kittens with tame moms, and kittens all by themselves.  We have newborns who just need a place to hang out with their moms for the next 8-10 weeks all the way up to 12-week-olds who could use a little TLC to make them more people friendly. 

If you've fostered before and you can help us out, email us at kittens@forgottencats.net.  Or if you are new to fostering, fill out our foster application here: http://www.forgottencats.org/fosterapp.php.  Or maybe you know someone who can help.  Send them to us!  These kittens need places to go.  There is not a square foot of space left in our clinics where we can put them.  

I can't even begin to tell you what it is like in the clinics with all these kittens.  (I've only been sidelined for about a week, so I have plenty of stories!)  One of the things I find funniest is when clinic volunteers stumble across newborns and have no where to put them until they finish whatever clinic job they are trying to do.  Betcha didn't know how well those pockets in scrubs hold newborn kittens!  Or how funny it is when you put a newborn on a little heating pad while its mom sees the vet and the little baby starts kneading the heating pad looking for milk.  Or when you say, "Does anybody know where these kittens came from," and someone says, "Those are the ones I brought in this morning," and you point to the opposite side of the table and say, "No, THOSE are the ones you brought in this morning."  Or you could watch my pathetic attempts at bottle feeding those few tiny kittens that don't have mommies.  There's a reason I didn't have children!  I need a shower after attempting to get a teaspoon into 5 ounce kitten.  I'd probably need a lifepreserver to survive all I'd spill if I was trying to feed a whole baby.  And then there was the big tom cat I pulled out of the trap to get neutered, I turned it over and discovered HE was in labor.  HE had beautiful kittens.

Of course, there's an old story from a previous kitten season that still makes me laugh.  We had a pregnant feral cat escape from her trap in the warehouse one evening.  We set a new trap for her and she was in it the next morning.  Then Felicia came into the clinic and went on one of her cleaning tirades where she'll run around picking up stuff that obviously doesn't belong where it was left and say, "What is bowl doing sitting here?"  or "Who left this dirty towel on this table?"  or "Why is this box of newborn kittens in the closet?"  Oh...  I guess that pregnant cat who escaped and we trapped again is NO LONGER PREGNANT.

Kitten season is just crazy.  It's fun, but it's crazy.  The kittens are adorable.  As much fun as it is to go from cage to cage to cage to cage and see all these different styles of furballs, it's not good for them to stay in or clinics.  They don't get the love they need and they do get colds.  We need fosters!  (And eventually adopters.)  Can you help out a litter of kittens?  For the most part, all you need is a quiet place to put the cage.  Let us know if you can help some babies while they wait for their furever homes.  If you've fostered before, email kittens@forgottencats.net or if you are new to fostering, fill out the foster application here: http://www.forgottencats.org/fosterapp.php.

Maria "Ouch" Wells, Forgotten Cats Inline Skating Phenom

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