St. Catricks Day Babies - 3/17/2010

It's a gorgeous afternoon and I want to sit outside, but I need to write this blog before I forget what I want to say.  My laptop battery is toast and the only outdoor plug we have is in the shade.  This puzzled me for a bit until I remembered that there must be a pad and pencil here somewhere.  I managed to find a pad--on it were notes dated June, 2003.  That was at least two incarnations of Maria ago, before Forgotten Cats, before my foray into politics, back when I thought I wanted to get a PhD in computer science...

86 cats came through the Willow Grove clinic yesterday, some from as far away as Clinton, NJ.  Rae and I were teaching a new volunteer, Stephanie, how to do knockdown.  She's learning how to express bladders.  This is about the time most new volunteers have second thoughts.  It's a very difficult skill to acquire, but Stephanie is doing very well.  She's not quite sure how it will look on a resume though:  able to squeeze pee out of sleeping cats into garbage can -- hmm.. may have to wordsmith that a bit.

At one point, the word came down from the vets to stop sending them cats.  Something was delaying surgery, but, honestly, when a break comes during knockdown, you often don't ask why.  There are a million things to do that you don't usually have time for, like eating, going to the bathroom, and emptying the trash.  One of the disadvantages of a nearly all-female volunteer staff is that the trash is almost always too heavy to lift, no matter how often you change the liner.  Given all that to catch up with, it was a while before we wandered back to surgery to see what was up.  And what was that noise?  Was it... crying?

BaaaaaaabiiiieeeesssFirst Kittens of the Seasonss!!!!!  Yes, kitten season is officially upon us. As a TNR and low-cost spay neuter clinic, babies are what we're trying to prevent.  But sometimes those mommy cats just outsmart us and then there are kittens!  This was a black & white short-haired mommy and she had 4 healthy little ones, three black & white and one tortishell.  I couldn't get many good pictures of the little buggers.  They were too busy nursing.  You could barely see them in the carrier.  They were hiding under their mom.  One of the vets took them last night to a friend of hers' home to foster.  In 8-10 weeks they will be big enough to sterilize and then go up for adoption.  By then we'll be overrun with kittens.

Last night was the Second Annual St. Catrick's Day Happy Hour and Silent Auction.  Would you believe Felicia used that as an excuse to leave the clinic early?  She got to go home, take a shower and change.  I got out of Willow Grove pretty late, so I was going to skip it.  But halfway down the Blue Route, my doorbell rang signalling I had a text message.  It was from my brother.  He was at St. Catrick's Day and wanted to know where I was.  I asked Barbara to text him back that I was stinky from working at the clinic and had to drop some cats off in Claymont, but I would try to make it by 7.  Knockdown at Willow Grove involves getting down on your knees because the tables are so low.  I washed the knees of my pants with Clorox Wipes and sprayed myself with a combination of Febreeze (my clothes) and Nature's Miracle(my hair).  I don't honestly know why I chose Febreeze for the clothes and Nature's Miracle for the hair.  I guess it was because by the time I'd decided I really needed to do something about my hair, I'd already thrown the Febreeze into the dung heap known as my backseat.  But I guess the bleach stains on my navy blue t-shirt were a dead giveaway because as soon as I walked into The Public House, everyone said, "So... you've just come from the clinic."  They assured me that it wasn't because I stunk, but maybe they were just being polite.

I haven't gotten official word but from the size of the crowd, I'd say the evening was a success.  It took 3 of us to carry the donated cat food out to the van.  By the time I'd gotten there, the hors d'oeuvres appetizers were already gone and Rosie's cake had been cut.  (When I checked to find the spelling of "hors d'oeuvres" on Google, it suggested that I forgo mangling the French term and just say "appetizers.")  I didn't get to see the cake all in one piece, but I did manage to scarf down two pieces.  Thanks, Rosie!

St Catrick's Day photos are here! (Hey, that's my brother in the bottom right picture holding a beer!!!)

During my political days, my political friends and I got so accoustomed to asking people if they'd voted on Election Day that we contracted "Did you vote" into a single two-syllable word "Djavote?"  It's that time of the blog again.  Djavote today?  Please don't forget to vote for Forgotten Cats every day at The Animal Rescue Site.  We're approaching a lead of 5%.  Keep up the good work! Since St. Catrick's Day is now over, the Vote Every Day button has moved to the top of the right column.

Well, it's getting chilly and I'm getting hungry. Oops, before I forget (yes, I think every one of my entries will end this way and you can be sure I did forget and am editing whenever I say this), you can sign up to be alerted by email whenever I post a new blog entry.  Just click on the cat on the right side of the page where it says "Sign up for the Scratching Post."  Be sure to click the box next to New Blog Entry Notification under Your Interests.


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