The Cordless Clipper - 3/8/2010

First, a little good news.  We're up to $55,000 in this year's money match challenge.  Only $5000 left to go to meet our goal.  But there are only a few days left.  The offer to match donations expires in one week.  The time to make donations is NOW!  Every dollar you donate will be matched.  Check out the Forgotten Cats homepage to contribute online or by mail.

Did you remember to vote in the shelter challenge today?  Click on the VOTE EVERY DAY icon on the right.  We're up by almost 4% right now, but as soon as we let up, they catch up.  So keep on voting!!!

Are you a Facebooker?  We're up to 4,985 members of the Forgotten Cats Cause.  Just 15 more members and we will become a "League."  Join us at http://apps.facebook.com/causes/219834.

Next week will be our second annual St. Catrick's Day Happy Hour & Silent Auction.  Come on out next Tuesday, March 16, from 5 to 8pm at the Public House Restaurant in Wilmington.  (You can see it over on your right just above the VOTE EVERY DAY icon.)

We were drawing some blood at the clinic today (54 cats sterilized today!!!) when Debbie, our vet tech, reached for our cordless clipper.  We have industrial stength corded clippers for prepping cats for surgery.  Until recently those were all we had.  A few months back, we realized we were desperately in need of a battery operated clipper.  We were in the middle of a long clinic day when POW!!!!  The power went out.  Ugh.  We had several cats who had already been anethesized.  We didn't want to have knocked them out for nothing.  We had flashlights, but the major obstacle was clippers.  It's actually possible to prepare males for sterilization without clippers, but the poor females were out of luck.  This was quite the sight!  Only at Forgotten Cats would the volunteers have carried on in the dark.  This organization has the most resourceful volunteers out there, holding flashlights, plucking off hair, and scrubbing cats in the dark, just so no male cat would have to undergo anesthesia again.  All the males got sterilized.  And if this ever happens again, so will the females, because now we have a cordless clipper.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big clinic day in Willow Grove.  I'm nervous.  Along with Rae and Carol Ann, I will be doing "knockdown"; knockdown is the process of anethesizing the cats for surgery.  We will have two vets working tomorrow.  It's hard to keep up with them.  Besides having the best volunteers, Forgotten Cats has the best vets!  Any cat lucky enough to be spayed at Forgotten Cats will have the tiniest incision imaginable and spend just a few minutes in surgery; both these things make their recovery quick and with as little pain as possible.  Our Willow Grove clinic moved to a new location last year and this new location is great!  We have more room to spread out and more room to STERILIZE MORE CATS!  Tomorrow should be a challenge.  I'm guessing we'll have over 100 cats. 

So tomorrow in Willow Grove, your organization, Forgotten Cats, will sterilize 100 cats.  About 60 of them will be females.  An unsterilized female can have 3 litters per year, with an average of 4 cats per litter.  That's 720 cats that Forgotten Cats will prevent from being born just in the next year just in what we do TOMORROW.  Cats are being euthanized every day because there are not enough homes.  Your organization will save 720 cats from that fate TOMORROW.  And that's not counting the kittens that would be born to those cats next year... and the kittens from their kittens and their kittens ... according to the Humane Society, in 7 years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats.  And we'll be sterilizing 60 female cats tomorrow.  Sure makes the hard work at the clinics seem worthwhile, doesn't it?

Whew!  I'm starting to get nervous about tomorrow.  We have a big job ahead of us.  Don't forget to vote for us today.  And don't forget about our Money Match Challenge.  We have a lot of cats to save.


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