Welcome to the Forgotten Cats Blog - 3/5/2010

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Maria.  I've been volunteering with Forgotten Cats for a little over two years now.  I work mostly in the clinics and I handle most of FC's information technology, but I can occassionally be found at the Brandywine Petsmart Adoption Center as well. A couple of months ago I told Felicia that I'd start writing a blog.  In grad school one of my instructors told us that the best programmers are lazy and they procrastinate.  Since it's been a couple of months and I'm just now getting started on the blog, everyone can see--I must be an EXCELLENT programmer.

So, now, more to the point.  As of today, March 5, this year Forgotten Cats has sterilized 1806 cats.  January was a big month for us; we sterilized 24% more cats than we did in January 2009.  February was a bit of a different story.  In case you hadn't noticed, we got a little snow.  It's pretty hard to trap cats in the snow.  And it's even harder to trap volunteers in the snow.  So February slowed us down a little, but we're still well ahead of where we were in 2009 at this time.  March is bringing on the start of kitten season, so we expect our numbers to begin to hit new highs for the next several months.

Speaking of volunteering in the snow, you might be wondering how the cats get fed when no one can get out of their houses.  I can't speak for the rest of the organization, but I do know how the feral cats at the Claymont clinic got fed.  Felicia drove around and picked up unsuspecting volunteers (including me) whose neighborhood streets were clear enough for her to get through (thanks Bethel Township, err, I think) and drafted us into service.  Of course, she was there too, but her phone never stopped ringing.  I don't think it ever does.

 Back to the numbers!  We've had 170 adoptions so far this year.  We have a new adoption "center" at the Collegeville Petsmart.  These guys are amazing.  We have no permanent cages in this store.  We can only do adoption weekends by bringing cats in inside dog crates and setting them up on the store's floor.  Despite this handicap, Collegeville Forgotten Cats volunteers have adopted out 38 cats so far in 2010.  So many kitties have new homes because our volunteers are willing to work with whatever space they've been given.

Speaking of dedicated volunteers, one of our youngest volunteers, Emily, gave up birthday presents this year and requested everyone bring something for Forgotten Cats to her party.  Kudos to Emily!  We truly do have the best volunteers in the world.

As I'm sure you've heard a thousand times by now, we're leading in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge for the State of Delaware, but we need your votes each and every day to maintain our lead!  It got super close there for a bit and we were really sweating it out.  Thanks to all of you, we are back up by 3%.  Let's keep it up guys.  The prize money can sterilize almost 50 cats which prevents the births and therefore cruel deaths of thousands.  If you can't remember the link, if you're like me and you can't remember where you "put it," just go to forgottencats.org.  There's a link on the right side of every page.  You can't miss it.  It's purple just like our site!  What a coincidence!  The Animal Rescue Site is purple just like we are.  We're a perfect match.  (OK, that was goofy, but this is a blog afterall.  Cut me some slack.)

I think that's enough for today.  Hopefully I'll get better at making these interesting as time goes on.


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