Adoption Application

Processing applications take 2-3 days -- please be patient.

Cat's Name:

Foster (if known):
FCID (if known):
First Name:
Last Name:
Drivers license #/State:
Street Address:
(no P.O. boxes)
Home phone: Work phone:
Mobile phone: Email address:
Name of Employer: May we contact you at work?
Please Provide 3 references:
Relationship to you
These questions will enable us to make a good match between a prospective pet owner and pet(s). Please fill out this questionnaire completely, as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Living arrangements:
If a rental, landlord's name and phone number:
Note: If renting, you must provide proof of payment for any required pet deposit before cat released for adoption
Number of adults in household: Number of children: Ages of children:
Are the adults in your household aware that you plan to adopt?
Do you or anyone living in your household have any known allergy to animals?
Are you a student? Are you active in the military?

Is this your first experience with a cat?
Are you prepared to make a commitment to your cat for the rest of its natural life (perhaps as long as 15-20 years)?
Have you previously adopted from us or any other agency/shelter?
Have you ever given away or returned a pet/animal for any reason?
If yes, why?
Why do you want a pet?
if Other, why?:
Will the cat be?
Do you plan to have the cat(s) declawed?
Do you own a dog(s)?
If yes, describe the dog's personality.

Please list your current pets first, then the pets you have owned in the past ten (10) years:
Name Breed Is pet still residing with you? Years owned Spayed/Neutered Where is pet kept? What happened to pet if no longer owner?

Do you understand that there is a continuing cost of proper veterinary care for your pet and are you prepared to incur that cost? Yes No
Name of veterinarian: Name of animal hospital:
Phone number: Name under which records are kept:
When was your last visit to the vet? Reason for visit?
To your knowledge, are your animals current on their vaccinations?

Would you like us to set up a time for you to meet the cat before the final adoption? Please let us know if you have any other questions about the cat or our adoption process.

By Initialing below, I acknowledge that I understand everything that I have read in this application and answered all of the questions truthfully. I also understand that any knowingly false or incomplete answers may cause my application to be denied.

I hereby give a representative of Forgotten Cats, Inc. permission to contact my landlord and veterinarian (if applicable) to verify any of the information supplied in this application.

I further understand that Forgotten Cats, Inc. is considered the guardian of the animal in question and has the right, in its sole discretion, not to approve this application.


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