Action Center

Action Center

We need your help! Perhaps you've already donated. Maybe you already volunteer. But Forgotten Cats still needs your help to keep our doors open to sterilize 10,000 cats a year and adopt out 900! There are many other ways you can help. Please see if there is anything else you can do with the tools below and stop by often for new ideas of how you can help us help cats.
Every dollar counts! With your help, we can make a difference.
We can each only do so much. But actually, you can do even more by encouraging your friends to help us too.
Just by making a few clicks, you can help Forgotten Cats win $1,000! Vote EVERY DAY!
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Forgotten Cats is an essentially all-volunteer organization. Without volunteers we would be unable to accomplish our goals of trapping, neutering, and releasing stray and feral cats, medically treating young, pregnant, sick and injured cats, and finding homes for kittens and cats who would be best served in a loving home.
Foster parents provide the love and individual attention needed to give our foster animals the best care possible.
We work with colony caretakers to trap, sterilize, vaccinate, and return every cat within a colony. We provide the necessary medical treatment for sick or injured feral cats, stray cats, and kittens.
Can you provide a home to one of our adoptable cats or kittens? Visit our adoption gallery!
Forgotten Cats has shopping days, restaurant days, car wash days, golf outings, and parties to raise funds. We also have adoption events. Attend an event, have some fun, and help some cats!
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