All About Adoption Centers

By Speckles

Looking for a new best friend? Then stop by PETsMART located in the Brandywine Town Center, at Route 202 and Naamans Road, in North Wilmington, to see the many cats and kittens available for adoption in PETsMART Charities' Adoption Center.

Forgotten Cats is one of four local cat rescue organizations featuring cats and kittens or all ages, colors and sizes, available for adoption in the Brandywine Adoption Center.  PETsMART is committed to finding solutions to end the killing of adoptable animals. Every PETsMART store has an adoption center, available for local animal rescue organizations to use to help find homes for adoptable animals. The store donates the space, cages, supplies and food. The rescue organizations keep 100% of any adoption fees they charge. It's a win-win situation for the store and for the rescue groups since so many of the new adopters end up shopping for their new best friend right there in the store. A special purr and nuzzle to PETsMART's management team: Buddy, Cheryl, Kirsten, Jamie and Dave for allowing us to become a part of the Brandywine Adoption Center.

A word about the author:

My name is Speckles and I am a semi-feral 8 year old dilute buff and grey torti, hence the name Speckles because my caretaker thinks I look like a speckled egg. I could be the poster-cat for animal overpopulation. From 1997 until 2002 I managed to give birth almost a dozen times before I was finally outsmarted and captured and spayed. I was fortunate in that all my babies were healthy and easily caught by caring people and nurtured and adopted into loving homes. If I could live my nine lives over again, I'd wish that my irresponsible first owner didn't just dump me outside when she moved from her apartment complex and leave me to fend for myself. If TNR had been publicized back in 1997, I probably would have been outwitted and caught and spayed and not have populated the world with so many litters. Fortunately, now I'm out of reproducing commission and can live my senior years laying in the sun and enjoying a relaxed life. Thank goodness there are organizations out there like Forgotten Cats, Inc. to help humanely reduce the unwanted cat population. I'm also thankful that I have found a caretaker who understands my personality enough that she will provide me with good food and comfortable places to nap and not invade my space.

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