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Most mother cats give birth to a litter of between 1 and 9 kittens. The largest known litter ever produced was 19 kittens, of which 15 survived.

Domestic cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine. They start purring at one week old and purr both when inhaling and when exhaling. Young cats purr in monotone but older cats purr in two to three resonant notes. 

On an average, cats sleep for almost 70% of their lives, which means a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only three years of its life.

Cats have 32 muscles in each ear that control their outer ears, whereas humans have only 6. (Source: www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/pets-animals)

Abraham Lincoln was a cat lover. He doted on his cats Dixie and Tabby, and was known to have a special affinity for stray cats, who he would bring them home on occasion. When asked if her husband had any hobbies, Mary Todd Lincoln replied, "Cats."

As of a 2007 study, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States by number of pets owned, behind the first, which is freshwater fish. (Source: Wikipedia)

Female cats tend to be right-pawed, while male cats are more often left-pawed. Interestingly, while 90% of humans are right handed, the remaining 10% of lefties also tend to be male.

(Source: Living Well magazine)


There are more than 70 cat breeds; different associations proclaim different numbers according to their standards. The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA) recognizes 73 cat breeds while TICA (The International Cat Association) recognizes 58, CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association) recognizes 44 and Federation International Feline (FIFE) recognizes 43. (Source: Wikipedia)

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four on the back ones. It’s not uncommon, though, for cats to have extra toes. The cat with the most toes known had 32—eight on each paw! (Source: catchow.com)

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States; there are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs.

Both cats and humans have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion.

Cats can be lethal hunters and very sneaky, when they walk their back paws step almost exactly in the same place as the front paws did beforehand, this keeps noise to a minimum and limits visible tracks. (Source: Science Facts)

A flank spay is a way to remove the reproductive organs of a cat through her side, allowing her to continue to comfortably nurse her kittens! Watch our new video (if you have the stomach for it)!

The creator of Felix the Cat is from New Jersey! Read more here.

The technical term for a cat's hairball is a bezoar.

The ridged pattern on cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.

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A group of cats is called a "clowder". (Source: BuzzFeed Animals)

A cat can reach up to five times its own height per jump. (Source: Animal Planet)


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